June 14, 2024

GRAMMY projects – The stories behind the albums

Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc. has been a key contributor for two collaborative music and spoken word albums created to benefit children’s issues. On both occasions, we sought to include Canadian talent on these projects that have tracks by an impressive variety of internationally known performers.

The company took the lead in clearing the way for U.S. band Blue October to take part. Those efforts resulted in the song “Jump Rope” becoming the #1 track of All About Bullies . . . Big and Small, winner of the 54th GRAMMY in the category of Best Children’s Album.

Company President and founder Ken Cowle was unable to attend the awards in 2012, as he had the year before, but was gratefully acknowledged from the stage for his part in making the album a success. It continues to generate awareness about the issue of childhood bullying, a concern that is not going away without the right education and leadership. The CD is still available and is recommended for parents and school boards.

As the marketing and promotions director for Canada on this project, Ken Cowle recruited fellow Canadian artist Freddy Will and with their own unique contributions, they both became a part of the album “Healthy Food for Thought – Good Enough to Eat” which was a short list nominee in 2010 for Best Spoken Word Album for Children. This category attracted entries from such notable international talents as Julie Andrews and Emma Thompson.

Other artists on the album included Tom Chapin, Trout Fishing in America, Justin Roberts, Sara Hickman and Jessica Harper, along with Julian Lennon, Moby and Russell Simmons.

Healthy Food for Thought – Good Enough To Eat – Project Team. Far right: Ken Cowle, Album Contributor “It’s What We Need” and Canadian artist recruiter/coordinator, Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc.

Album samples online: https://www.allmusic.com/album/healthy-food-for-thought-good-enough-to-eat-mw0002067069

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