May 18, 2024


Visual Arts

Bear-man-dancing-on-the-moon-150David Ruben Piqtoukun – Sculptor of stone, feather, bone, baleen, and metal.
Weaves Inuit legend and mythology with modern themes into works from table top size to major indoor and outdoor installations.
Black River Media provides regular gallery and portfolio media services, plus composition of submissions.

Yeon-Tak Chang – Sculptor of stone and wood.
Serene abstracts expressing the harmony of man and nature.
Black River Media provides enhanced imagery for portfolio and printed material.

Music & Publishing

Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing
Producers of music and spoken word radio followed globally as Asylum For Your Soul. Ken Cowle – Host and Producer; Charles Ross – Sound Editor, Book Editor.
Members on two GRAMMY nominated spoken word albums including 2011 Winner All About Bullies – Big And Small.
Independent Authors and Artists promotions and charitable appearances.

Live Music Ontario – A site to connect music lovers with places supporting live music. It provides flexible search options so you can combine the kinds of music you enjoy, on the dates you want, in the places you can reach (Google maps online), along with band names, into a focused list of results with the least amount of effort. Venues and musicians are encouraged to create their own listings. But we’ll also do it for you. Let’s get live music in Ontario thriving.

 Freddy Will – Musician, Author, Philanthropist. Visit Freddy’s site to keep up on the never ending list of projects he develops. Hip Hop Kruzade was his third book and CD combo project that qualified him for consideration by Guinness World Book of Records for this special accomplishment. Edited and published by Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing.

Mike Freedman – is a professional guitarist, composer and instructor based out of Toronto, Canada. His versatility has allowed him to be involved in a wide array of music projects, performances and recordings. Mike graduated cum laude from Berklee College of Music in 1990 with a degree in Film Scoring as well as jazz performance and has been actively involved in the music scene ever since.