May 18, 2022


Press Releases, Announcements, Articles
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Business Announcement

Total Media Services – Launch of additional value services offered by a tourism advertising firm.

Entertainment Industry

Author signing with publisher Graphic novel about the Rwanda genocide by Rupert Bazambanza.

Freddy Will signing to Double K Records and Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc.

Children’s book author appearance – Children’s Book author Ken Cowle.

Author appearance bookstore – Book Store opening with book signing.

Jim_McCarty_appearance_promotion – Club appearance by Jim McCarty of the Yardbirds. The release was written as part of local publicity to news outlets in Toronto.

GRAMMY_interview_notes_for_media re local publisher, Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc. The company was an integral part of the win for Children’s Album of 2012.





Event_wrap up_sample_CIFC

Special Interest Articles

Special interest story re: Car Audio

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