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 Tourism – Recreational Tourism specialist
(this section is in update stages, March 2017)

Co-Chair, subsequent to Vice Co-Chair of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Lake Simcoe Fisheries Stakeholder Committee

Media and Public Relations:
(broadcast copyrighted content is available by request)

  • Spokesperson for interviews with radio and TV hosts and print journalists, including live and pre-recorded interviews on various radio shows and podcast channels.
  • Achieved feature coverage on the prime 6 o’clock news of CTV Barrie, for the two years of representing the Canadian Ice Fishing Championship.
  • Arranged a first for China’s official news agency: An on location segment about ice fishing on Lake Simcoe, broadcast and web cast to their international viewers.
    Xinhua Article link
  • Converted media inquiries about potentially alarming news into an objective and knowledgeable position, transitioning to the positives of fishing’s impact on tourism.
  • Sustained press release output to online distribution services and main stream news media that generated articles about specific recreation events. (e.g. Ontario Out of Doors, Ripple Outdoors (article link), Outdoor Canada (article link), Georgina Advocate, York Region News, U.S. social media site Outdoors Unlimited.)
  • Produced ads for radio and television according to broadcast standards, delivered to merge seamlessly with each station’s format. Examples:
    Performance announcements (e.g. Jim McCarty of the Yardbirds appearing at Hugh’s Room) – on Q107’s rotation
    Young Drivers of Canada ‘DriveFit’ program  –  (30 seconds) ad rotation on CTV
    Rice Lake Fishing Festival – (30 seconds) English version on CTV; Chinese on Fairchild TV.
  • Continuing to improve my results in soliciting coverage from existing and new media affiliations by providing easy to digest news stories and preparing guest bios and Q&A scripts for community TV.



Internet and Social Media usage:

  • Managed over 6 cross linked domains; installed multiple online database applications.
    (e.g. business directory, photo gallery, forum, bookstore, event registration.)
  • Administered the accounts and activities of staff across social media channels (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Foursquare, LinkedIn, special interest message boards) to present a cohesive and desirable brand image. Created graphic, video and story content; researched and inserted code to link company sites and accounts to social media channels.
  • Built a Photo Gallery with over 11,000 images that surpassed 1 million views and generates photo requests for print and website use.
  • Google Mapped the Ice Fishing & Thickness reports for Lake Simcoe with custom graphics and live links; creating the host site’s most popular visited page for years.
  • An early adopter of publishing GPS coordinates and QR codes, along with explaining their use to novices and their added value to advertisers.
  • Online registration and payment forms, shopping carts.
  • Email blasts, mailing lists, contact databases and queries.
  • Continuing to build knowledge on custom mobile apps (e.g. remote data input to spreadsheets and applying Bluetooth communications).


Relationship Management, Project Management, and Team Skills:

  • GRAMMY winning Best Children’s Album – 2011All About Bullies, Big and Small. (Project website)
    Participated as a publicity and talent recruitment team member as the V.P. of Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc., making the initial reach outs to contact the management firm for the band Blue October. They eventually contributed the lead track “Jump Rope” after negotiations were passed to President of Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc., Ken Cowle, while I continued to issue press releases and social media as the story unfolded. Ken was thanked from the stage during the GRAMMY acceptance speech for his role in this worthy project. This was a follow up to the 2010 GRAMMY project (Project website) which made it into the final nominations against other albums by notable performers Julie Andrews and Emma Thompson.
  • Developed Sponsor Proposals for new and prior sponsors of the 2012 and 2013 Canadian Ice Fishing Championship, resulting in essential cash and product support to ensure its uninterrupted 20 year history. The entire project was accomplished in less than a four month window including solicitations, publicity, registrations and staffing.
  • Served as Co-Chair on the Lake Simcoe Fisheries Stakeholder Committee (external link to MNR) after initially being the Vice Co-Chair since its inception in 2007. Meetings included access and input to sensitive policy information, advising the Ministry of Natural Resources. As eventual Co-Chair, I introduced changes to the meeting format to stimulate member engagement and satisfaction. I also steered contentious meetings by consensus to move forward; giving the issues clarity and setting acceptable priorities and bench marks for the membership and MNR’s cooperation.
  • Experienced with meeting MPs and MPPs to discuss funding and usage issues of the Trent Severn Waterway that would impact the tourism economy in the watershed. I was well mentored in being comfortable with upper level bureaucrats and government executives since my early exposure to international travel and dialogue as an industrial marketing representative. (Stakeholder website)
  • Embraced the sense of urgency in promoting a safe and successful ice fishing competition while under media attention about the worst lake conditions in a decade, while also managing several existing publishing and tourism project commitments.
  • Able to assemble a team of temporary staff with specific skills, giving them public recognition for their initiatives that freed me to direct other important functions and had them asking to be called first to work the following year.
  • Always shown an eagerness to help local businesses thrive, from ‘mom & pop’ proprietorships and upwards.
  • Invited tourism partners to share media opportunities to improve public awareness of local offerings and of tourism’s economic importance. For example: Segued a request about winter recreation on Lake Simcoe to a fireside chat with the operator of historic Briars Resort & Spa, Jackson’s Point; followed with a drive to see the town’s new outdoor recreation complex, all aired on Fairchild Canada TV. (copyright clips are available by request)
  • Conference and Workshop participant for various interests, especially tourism.
    Reference List


Publications and Presentations:

  • Tourism Publications: Produced an annual series of pocket size booklets and maps under the brand Lures & Tours that continue to be available as online flipbooks and PDF downloads, as well as in print at travel information centers and participating advertisers. Mapping knowledge has improved with each issue.
    Maps have created a never ending demand of their own from the public, with 9 separate regional maps issued in 2013. Print runs of 25,000 and up.
    It is recommended that you save these PDFs to your desktop instead of reading them online for smoother response.
    Sample Map PDF  and Sample Ontario Directory in PDF (128 pg./6 MB)
  • Book publishing: Editing, cover design and formatting responsibilities as V.P. of Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc. This brand has attracted an international clientele of writers and musicians, especially tapping into entertainment artists and their representatives centered in Philadelphia, New York and Toronto. (online book store)
  • PDF document management – merges, extractions, security, scans, OCR and graphic manipulation.
  • As a professional presentation designer, collaborated at the level of executives, brand managers, sales staff and scientists (e.g. Eli Lilly, Ernst & Young, Glaxo, Immigration Canada, Leo Pharma, Levi Strauss Canada, Motorola, Robin Hood Multifoods, Scotiabank, Toshiba). Coached presenters on personal delivery skills individually and in groups. (Samples)

Employee training for presentations – Sub-contracted to Immigration Canada. Produced a program to educate new Canadians on basic presentation skills. This included setup of newly arrived projectors, laptops and PowerPoint software. The sessions were in a format that works for people with limited English and almost no computer experience.

Project example: Traveled to six of the Immigration Canada centers across Ontario where refugees have temporary residence. Select groups of people that remain at these centers were to make presentations in their own languages, with their own choice of graphics. These were to educate the following refugee claimants on how to adapt to daily life in Canada.
This was an interesting and personally satisfying experience that felt worthwhile on all counts.


Digital Video and Audio Production – 2002 – 2005 intensive; and continuing new projects

Set up in house digital services at an existing music and video studio to expand the range of services provided from tape based video to CD and DVD multi-media content. This immediately impressed the prime client with the savings in time, bulk storage and shipping costs to international trade show locations. Camera, sound room and editing suite operation, script editing. Sub-contracting voice-overs and music. Productions were made to commercial broadcast standards when required.
Projects: Trade show DVDs, commercials, talent demo reels, artist portfolios, digital catalogues, music CDs and jackets.
Special Project for Young Drivers of Canada: Merge video, animations, scanned illustrations and slides with subtitles transcribed from 28 hours of class room sessions into a series of captioned training DVDs for the hearing impaired.

Experiences in the Creative Realm

Independent Artists publications, promotions and community radio show
– 6 years and continuing

Format and proof novels and poetry, design covers and promotional pieces, create and administrate the online bookstore and website pages; some by HTML and some via databases with custom configurations.
Arrange media promotions and interviews (print & TV) along with advance and follow-up news releases.


Broadcast Radio and Internet Radio:

Edit weekly shows of 2 hours duration. Asylum for Your Soul, produced and hosted by Ken Cowle of Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc.

With a high proportion of Canadian content, these shows consist of spoken word and music for airing on community FM and for internet distribution. Initially I set up the recording equipment and programs in studio and ran the recording side for the host/producer. Due to distance, after 5 years I trained someone else to be in studio and I continued editing off site. As of 2015, full editing duties resumed. In 2016, Ken moved to Severn Bridge in Muskoka and it’s a treat to be visiting there to keep the shows in production.

Live performances by visiting performers and open mic nights that attract local musicians and writers were all supported with promotion, eg. photo ops, interview bookings, press releases, radio spots..


Artist portfolios
Interactive DVD and web portfolios using performance videos, music and stills along with descriptions. Print portfolios and exhibit promotion material.
Finalize artist submissions to requests for proposals, eg. sculpture installations, with bio, visuals and quotations.
I am very honoured to have a friendship with internationally renowned Canadian sculptor David Ruben Piqtoukun and his wife Katherine. Link Out


Accomplishment Example – Training Video for the hearing impaired

Transcribed to captions over 28 hours of raw training video which was edited with additional stills and animations into a volume set of DVDs for Young Drivers of Canada. This was required by a provincial ruling to serve the hearing impaired. This was accomplished with vastly more economical software than the industry standard at the time, by personally researching and learning four shareware programs that achieved the same effect as commercial software estimated at $2,000.
I was able to quickly train unskilled personnel to work unsupervised for days at a time using this system to make transcriptions. It was a case of someone else selling the client that our studio could do it, and me coming up with the solution so we didn’t lose the work.


Database Technical/Software Knowledge

Developed and documented an MS Access database for a metal fabrication company. Consulted each department’s leader to map the workflow from estimation, formal quotation, sales order and production to identify redundant or erroneous information exchanges. Previously, four isolated computers were using different software and information was shared by paperwork.
Some coding was sub-contracted while the user interfaces, reports and overall structure were designed by my self. A unique database module was sourced and mastered that visually displayed the progress of every stage of every component in an order. Documentation with illustrations was produced for the staff along with all necessary training at their workplace.

This was a scenario where I could see the big picture and break it down to find the common denominators, then build it up to something better. It demonstrated my skills in:

  • Listening to the individuals that would be affected by this major change in their daily work.
  • Incorporating their requests and returning with an efficient centralized program they could live with.
  • Doing my own research and pushing into new territory. The entire project was a first for me.
  • Recognizing the tasks that would be better delegated to expert programmers.
  • Detailing requirements clearly to others, keeping this project on time and within budget.


Career Positions:

Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator
Everdale Environmental Learning Centre                         2014-2015

Editor/Publicist, V.P.
Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc.                          2005-present

Partner, Design, Media, Production
Lures & Tours Tourism Directories and Events                    2005-2013

Partner, Media & Sponsorships
Canadian Ice Fishing Championship                                        2011-2013

Designer/Editor/Sole Proprietor
Black River Media business solutions                              1995-present

Presentation Developer & Trainer
Slides Plus, Corporate Presentations & Advtg.                   1991-2005


Volunteer Activities:

Erin 88.1 FM – Community Radio – Announcer, advancing to produce shows for other hosts requiring technical assistance, and introducing Asylum for Your Soul to new audiences.
Link out

Give a Miracle a Chance – supporting children with special needs. Graphics, photography, publicity, DVD authoring. Link out

Voices for the Trent Severn Waterway – Board Member, website, social media, workshop teams, political liaisons. Link out

Education / Training:

Bachelor of Science, Honours – University of Guelph, ON

MS Office Specialist in PowerPoint

Common software:

MS Office: PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, SharePoint
Multimedia: Photoshop, Quark Xpress, InDesign, CorelDraw, Premiere, Encore, Cubase, Illustrator, Dreamweaver.
Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, FourSquare, Blogger, WordPress
Internet Admin: FTP, Shell, router configurations, firmware updates.

Personal Computers: internal component troubleshooting, peripheral installations, network setups.

Personal  Interests:
Motorcycle sport touring, paddling, trails, cross country skiing, snow shoeing.
Metal sculpture, art galleries, live music and recording, photography, history.



What Lures and Tours has done is create more than an advertising directory. This is a fishing tourism promotion company . . . that gets it! Peter Wood, Ripple Outdoors

The Canadian Ice Fishing Championships have never been on more stable footings since the recent acquisition by the folks at “Lures and Tours”. I look forward to another GREAT EVENT this year! Jack Summers, Radioworld

Please view further Recommendations on my Linkedin profile.



  • A catalyst for communication and publicity; engaging the respective audiences of Fortune 500, entertainment, charitable and public sector interests.
  • Adept at strategic project collaborations including delivering key sponsorships, diverse promotion channels, featured personalities and entertainment assets for special events.
  • Advertising roles as buyer and seller with design, production, distribution and billing responsibilities for short and long runs over a wide variety of formats.
  • Comfortable with “face time” as the spokesperson in front of the lens or microphone. A seasoned producer and editor for internet and broadcast grade content with experience in both professional and desktop studio environments.
  • Accomplished at presenting issues and marketing proposals to EDC staff and elected officials at every level up to MPs, MPPs and Regional Councils in open and closed sessions.
  • Detailed organizer for exhibiting at consumer shows and in planning show services.
  • Demonstrated leadership at workshops, committees and outdoor events in Ontario.
  • Imaginative and intuitive skills for delivering video, music and published materials to corporate, entertainment, outdoor recreation and tourism audiences.
  • Brand creation and growth via a strategic mindset and marketing action on multiple fronts.
  • Practical experience working with the RTO structure, Travel Ontario services and regional tourism centers for product planning and reciprocal exposure opportunities.
  • Proven ability to merge contacts established in tourism, power sports, arts and live entertainment for elevated publicity and sponsorship benefits.
  • A life long contributor to various artistic endeavours; from amateur stage, studio tour, aboriginal artist and community gallery support, through to publicity and promotional work on projects with international influence and industry recognition.
  • A veteran of long hours and travel for extracurricular meetings and events across central Ontario, including an earned reputation for being present for long periods outdoors in adverse weather conditions.

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