June 25, 2022

Print: Design to Delivery

Exhibit posters, studio tour brochures, vernissage invitation cards, media covers and labels.

In practice, many short run print jobs can be sent from me to a Staples location near you so you can pick up the finished order, prepaid. This saves several delays and costs of me picking up an order, packaging it for courier delivery to you. I have found that Staples now offers numerous finishing services (trimming, folding, hole punching) that I am not equipped for, and they do this at competitive prices.

The majority of projects for an individual artist or association do not require full-on commercial print facilities, but I have extensive experience in that realm as well. Commercial projects have included physician handbooks, medical conference materials and pharmaceutical point of sale. Those are about the most scrutinizing clients you will find. Accuracy and attention to details are of utmost necessity in those fields.

Projects can be as simple as small exhibit cards or as involved as a complete studio tour brochure with listings, advertisers/sponsors and a studio map. I’m open to starting from nothing, or reducing time and costs by receiving partial contents that are near final stages of assembly.

Document Writing and Editing

Grant Applications. Project Proposals. References, Press Releases, CVs.

Gathering the information you have, adding new content, and making sense of it for recipients can be a task many people put off, or need help with for a number of reasons.

Applications and Proposals typically require you to make a good impression with clear writing that meets guidelines. Then you often need to attach documents, history and samples of your work and even video. These are all things I have been writing, editing and producing for a long time, even the editing of existing videos to fit new uses. The next time it looks to you like almost more trouble than it is worth, let’s have a look.

I cut my teeth on heavy editing and formatting with publications in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare field. These projects require the utmost of scrutiny and certification by approval boards before release.