May 18, 2022

About Me

One of the benefits of work has been to meet some of the people that brighten our lives.
These are photos of musicians from styles about as diverse as you can get.
Usually I am behind the lens so these occasions caught on camera are rare.

Contact: black-river-media @  (remove the spaces before and after “@”)

Outside of work;

When I got a raise in my first job after graduation, I used the difference to mortgage 17 acres of land near Miners Bay, Ontario. That was my own space for exploring nature and eventually building a small cabin, just big enough for decent shelter and a wood stove that extended my visits into the winters when I wanted. For the period I was commuting to King and Bay St. in Toronto, this was figuratively and literally the total opposite direction.
I used up my first summer vacation time to take a two week course in log home building.
I put in longer and harder hours than at the office and loved every minute of it. I kept my interest fed by volunteering as the editor of the newsletter for the Ontario Log Builders Association, way before personal computers were available and possibly the shape of things to come as a content producer and editor.

Community and Charity Volunteer –
I am not much of a club joiner, however I was invited to join a very small Lions Club in Sutton, Ontario and we did some worth while projects that directly benefited the people of the town. Seeing your actions directly contributing and appreciated was the payoff.

Also in Sutton I volunteered to develop a website for the Georgina Arts Centre to profile the artists and their exhibits or consignments. It just bothered me that their light was under a bushel basket, so to speak, and this was my way of having the gallery doing justice to the artists and the sponsoring patrons. To this day I maintain long friendships with writers, musicians and an internationally recognized sculptor in the area.

Other volunteer work past and present includes:
A charity that supports children with special needs and provides resource assistance for their families. Give a Miracle a Chance
See the portfolio project: Children’s Charity DVD
A community sports event committee for years 1 & 2: Canada / U.S. Walleye Tournament
The board of Voices for the Trent Severn Waterway, a public stakeholder group.