June 14, 2024

Joint Exhibit Sculptors

Yeon-Tak Chang and David Ruben Piqtoukun
“Harmony Between Man and Nature”
a joint exhibit presented with Special Guest introductions at the opening.
16 Oct – 28 Nov, 2021
Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto

“Stoneworks exploring self-awarenesss and celebrating inner dialogue leading to cultural harmony and spiritual fulfillment.”

In preparation for this exhibit since 2019, my roles have adapted to the progression of the project. For the summer and early fall of 2021 I have been mostly creating and exchanging visuals for invitations, news releases and the archive of works to be on exhibit, particularly for David Ruben Piqtoukun. Everyone involved is anticipating the delivery and setup of the pieces which is a major undertaking. These sculptures are heavy! Just moving them around to get photographs this year has been an exercise, especially in taking care of handling them.

I will be capturing images and video of as much of the activities as possible without impeding on anyone’s priorities or the feel. Art is all about the feel. 

Information about the exhibit and the location, Canadian Sculpture Centre, can be found at David Ruben’s exhibit page.
Please browse both artists’ sites for some examples and a sense of their long careers turning stone into fine art, in collections around the world.

Yeon-Tak Chang website

David Ruben Piqtoukun website