May 18, 2022

David Ruben website rebuild

David Ruben at work on a new commission.

photo: Charles Ross

The new look of David Ruben’s website is clean and direct, leaving the viewers attention on the works of this renowned Inuit sculptor. Over the decades, his collection of works required several revisions to organize approximately 100 pieces as additional new works continued to be created.

Black River Media has been managing the content since 2005 and in 2018 it was overdue for a shift to the more flexible ‘post & page’ format that is the foundation of WordPress based websites. With this comes the ability to customize the site more easily to accommodate different visitors.
For example, casual art enthusiasts, visual arts content creators, galleries, and foundations that collect sculptures. Each can be provided with, or limited to, the content best suited to their interests. Because of that, a casual visit from here without having a preferential login account does not reveal all of the information contained on the site.

However, there is a growing assortment of short videos to enjoy, and easy to browse galleries of works, including descriptions of materials and dimensions for each piece. Please visit at your leisure.

Here: David Ruben website