April 11, 2024

Dancing On The Moon pt. 2

Inuit sculptor David Ruben recently added a bronze from 2018 to the collection of recent works, displayed on the website:

Art website: https://davidruben.com

photo: uncredited

Dancing On The Moon pt. 2 is a limited edition bronze, #2 of 12.
Dimensions: 48 in. wide; 43 in. high; 10 in. deep.

David Ruben has been carving since 1972 and is recognized internationally among museums, galleries and private collectors as a uniquely talented Inuit sculptor.

In my opinion, his expressions of spirituality and imagination are on a whole other level.

Black River Media has been providing website management and design to David Ruben for many years. In addition, videos, gallery images and other assets are assembled as part of the coordinating of extensive applications for artist grants and commissions.

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