May 18, 2022

FJ Mirror Replacement

Images for FJ1100, replacing OEM mirrors with Suzuki GSXR/SV650 mirrors from EMGO.

The advice to swap the bases, left for right was followed. Two caveats:
1) The EMGO mirror bolts from the base to the arm swivel can be a bear to loosen and turn out, possibly rounding the heads. I could see on one that there is a compound applied to the threads (thread locker I assume).
I needed a bench vise and some torch heat to get them to come loose.
2) The left for right swap puts the bolts “upside down” so the threaded end is up top. Try to preserve or find caps to seal the exposed threads from weather. These bolts will rust.
The 4 mounting bolts I selected for the base to the fairing are stainless cap head. The nuts on the inside are stainless Nylock.

On the inside of the fairing I have thick straps of over-sized steel instead of depending on a few washers. Doing it this way, you’ll need to drop the fairing to mount the bases. I could only see disadvantages to placing the mounts in line with the windscreen and using one of those holes as a headstart.

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