September 21, 2022


221b Security presentation to CIBC

Healthcare Industry presentation and study/reference materials designed and produced by contract. Abstracts, symposium guides, physician handbooks, packaging artwork.
The Healthcare Industry has the highest standards of accuracy and conformance that I encountered; and delivered consistently.

French, English, pre-production bound samples, large volume print runs.
Any visual services required in this field can be produced.

Clients: Eli Lilly, Glaxo Wellcome, Leo Pharma

Three versions of this presentation were made to focus on each audience.
Design included timed animations, schematic illustrations, photo enhancements and embedded video.

Client 221b Security

An internal presentation, re-constructed in collaboration with the Marketing Manager to condense numerous charts and tables across multiple hard to follow slides into visuals that summarized the trends in market status that the sales team needs to understand.

Client: Levi Strauss Canada, Dockers Marketing Manager

A presentation made with multimedia software was created for a series of presentations across Canada. The project included selection and installation of new projection equipment and travel to oversee the first presentation in Edmonton, with training of staff to follow up at other cities.

A total 2.5 Hr presentation period. The visuals needed to hold an impression on the audience while the presenter made his way through pitching new concepts and trends.

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