September 21, 2022

Equipment operations videos

Poyntz_first_frameThese videos were produced for 2 Canadian companies that design and manufacture sod harvesting equipment. Typically they are taped on location with voice overs later re-scripted and recorded in studio. If wind presents a sound problem outdoors, previously recorded machinery sounds are inserted at the time of editing in studio. When you update your products, often the majority of a production can be re-used with the new features segments inserted and the narration adapted to the new story line

Audio has been over compressed during the YouTube conversion. The original was 16 bit 48 KHz WAV format.
Video thumbnails offered by YouTube after watching a clip are not related to this portfolio.


-Field camera work
-Voice over recording
-Graphic and title overlays
-Royalty free background music
-DVD authoring and duplication

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