September 22, 2022

Interactive Entertainment and Education

Demo Reels on DVD with menus, Artist multimedia portfolios

Iaido demonstration video
Iaido demonstration video
A demonstration of Iaido, a martial art of the sword.

The performance was provided on video tape with very little editing required.

The cover design and packaging was kept
simple but elegant.

Show host demo DVD Miscellaneous tapes from TV appearances were provided to build a fresh demo video that would be distributed to various stations with the goal of being a show host. After getting to know Jill, it was easier to spot the segments that would show her at her best under different situations.
Performer's Acting Videos and Songs Julia Rhodes is a Canadian performer with a variety of talents demonstrated on this DVD produced early in her career. Cover design and editing of audio and video by Black River Media.
Musician demo disc Musician’s portfolio demo project. On the full CD, viewers can listen as they browse the disc’s contents. All graphics are custom including the volume slider and buttons.
Content includes Bio, Studio Credits, live performance video, tracks from the debut release CD and photos of Donnie signing his record deal.

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